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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Messy Messy Part 1
Thursday, May 8, 2014 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I have so much to tell, will break it down into few blog posts.

I would like to talk about my trip to Nuffnang last Friday. It was brief although I took like an hour to get there ._. driving was smooth, but almost missed a few turns thanks to the crappy signs lol I left the house around 10-ish after sending Mak balik from pasar borong. Teman mak pegi pasar sekejap sebab Mak nak beli barang untuk masak.

Fyi, mak sekarang every alternate days akan masak untuk kawan-kawan abah :) so yeah. kadang-kadang i yang bawak mak, sometimes she ride herself there. Back to my story just now, Nuffnang was rather small than I've expected. It was also very orange-y. I hope I can work there one day. HEHEHEHEHE. The staffs was friendly tho. Collected my prize and then left.

Planning nak jumpa Jesseca dekat Sunway, but somehow along the way, plan tukar-tukar. pening kepala i --' then lepas tu, something unexpected happened. blouse's back zipper putus.

like literally putus one by one, leaving my back bare -____________- then taktau nak singgah mana untuk beli baju baru. mula-mula plan nak makan kat McD, then tengok-tengok McD renovate then plan nak jumpa kat Sunway Pyramid, lepas tu last last terus balik rumah. Luckily traffic was good. Penat jangan cakap la ._.

Lepas mandi semua, terus terbongkak tido. lol penatttttt


The day before pulak, I went for a movie marathon at Setia City Mall. Watched Spiderman 2 and The Other Woman. Omg, super funny! -____- lol Spiderman 2 was rather sad. sebak jugak, because i didn't read the comic. Terkejut Gwen died at the end (sorry la spoiler) :( . then after Spiderman 2 habis, I went to watch The Other Woman with my cousin. My kind of movie i think. Chick Flick at its best! :D although I think the movie is a bit slow lol the day was well-spent indeed.

Pagi hari Khamis tu siap-siap kemas rumah while cousin kemas rumah nenek. nenek sekarang tak berapa nak sihat, so kesian dia kena buat semua sorang-sorang. huuuu. luckily sempat mop rumah semua then baru gerak pegi SCM :D

After watching the movie, tak sangka terserempak dengan Joshua. aaaaaa I miss him so much! Walaupun tak berapa rapat, still kadang-kadang tengok dia update kat FB kan hehe :D exchanged number (it is about time!) and told him I am going to take up zumba by the end of the year, inshaAllah. can't wait for it tho :)) Agak kelam kabut bila tiba-tiba cousie nak mintak tlg print gambar. haha.

to be continued....