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Weekend : #foodgasmfest and what not
Sunday, May 18, 2014 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I just got back from #foodgasmfest at TTDI just now.

Pagi-pagi dah bangun, kemas apa yang patut, then head to fetch amira and shamala. Lina was supposed to join, tapi last minute she couldn't. so yeah. check waze (kenot live without waze yet) and then found out the journey is only 30 minutes away from Klang. reached there around 10:45 am. masa sampai tak ramai orang lagi, vendors pun belum siap lagi. hahahahaha. so roamed around the place and then tangkap gambar.

the venue is at Taman Bukit Kiara. Very strategic and also selesa jugak. decided that we should try the foods the moment they opened. so we did. start la membeli, merasa semua. amira sebenarnya nak sangat rasa the burrito from @thebocca, tapi lama sgt :( we were there for almost three hours and takdek electricity pulak tetiba. zzzzzzz. so yeah. last-last kitaorg decide to go for something else.

I decide to buy nachos and meatballs (my kind of perfect combination) and amira and shamala bought something else. photo of the catch of the day are as below muahahaha.

Catch for the day at @foodgasmfest; Laksa Sarawak, Nachos and Meatball, Potato Pie, Baked Macaroni Chicken, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate Pop  before that we had Rojak and Ribena Ice cream :D

Alhamdulillah. memang kenyang sgt *burppp* :D makanan yang amira and shamala beli pun sedap :D then masa jalan-jalan after melantak, nampak someone familiar. nak tegur takut...tapi memang familiar...nama pun tak berapa ingat -_- hahahaha first time nampak, takut nak tegur lagi...then bila second time nampak, decide untuk tegur jugak...hehe sekali betul! Amy! anak Miss Su! my lecturer back in college :DDDDD 

Menjerit kesukaan okay! first and last jumpa hari tu dekat Kuantan..back in January hahaha...pastu tanya khabar semua...rupanya dia dekat #foodgasmfest tu untuk cover for MHI :D esok pagi masuk tv..hehehe :D so yeah.. :D tengah sembang-sembang dengan Amy, Amira tegur kesukaan. rupa-rupa Nazim Othman ada jugak. Handsome in person. Was told he workout too. Terus tegur dia nak amek photo. sebenarnya tolong Amira je ekekekeke :P Amira tak berenti tenung muka si Nazim tu. gambar diorang berdua, I mean. hahaha. Glad it all work out ;) 

I look fat. no more bending down -.-

Tak sempat nak tunggu Amira punya burrito, kitaorang made a move back home. it was productive. sempat lepak-lepak depan rumah Amira mintak tlg dia tolong edit gambar on the spot *tak sabar* hehe :D gambar semuaaaa cantik! :D thanks a lot Mira ♥ and thanks a lot Shamala sebab sudi lepak dengan weols :D 

Balik rumah awal pun sebab dalam kepala teringatkan nenek. today is my turn to take care of nenek :D Terus la reporting cucu's duty..berjaya pujuk nenek mandi dengan syarat nyanyi lagu ikan kekek masa mandikan nenek --" okay nek. Lepas mandikan nenek, suap nenek nasi and sambal sotong yang mak buat. Sekarang nenek makin tak larat, so tak sampai hati nak suruh nenek suap sendiri hehe :) lepas half an hour, dtg check on nenek for tea time. Nenek nak nasi, but gave her kaya bread instead since she requested for nasi ayam for dinner. Sekarang ni apa yg nenek request, akan tunaikan kalau tak memudaratkan. Tak nak buat nenek mengidam pulak :D -- rasa happy sbb wak tini (my auntie) who is unwell finally agree utk mandi after 4 days :DDDDD cut of her nails and pampered her a bit while attending nenek also :D 

Baru lepas bagi nenek makan dinner and tucked her in :) tadi tergendala nak update blog sebab uruskan nenek. so yeah. hihi now on laptop nak kemas laptop sikit-sikit and also tolong kaknyah buat assignment dia sikit :D *can't wait to be back in school* :DDDDD 

Gonna be super busy till month end. Account, why yu no tally? T_T 

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