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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Went there last two weeks since i never went there before.

another food hunting day with 'Amira. masa tu memang lapar macam nak nangis. jadi mari la kita pegi cafe hunting. hihihi.

nak cari agak senang sebab 'Amira memang pro bab-bab jalan nak ke shah alam. haruslah guna waze in case sesat kan. kekekekeke so after about 20 minutes from our houses, kitaorang pun sampai. the cafe is not like what i expected yet i love it! the concept of the cafe is mainly for bookworms to just chill and relax as you surf around the net looking for information for your assignments. eheh.

yang penting masa sampai sana takdek orang sgt, so we were immediately seated. *phew* flipped through the menu and so happy that there is not service tax :p (i likeeeeeee) and my must-try food of choice is in the menu; spaghetti carbonara. 'Amira pulak try their famous delicacies (dah lupa dah nama dia) lol

we were told that the owner is in the cafe and rupa-rupanya the rugged lady behind us. she has this vibes that makes people so curious about her, you know? hahahaha and she is so lovely! :D

with the beautiful genius behind @foodsbury :) 

the staffs are really helpful and friendly. after placing our orders, kitaorang pun berjalan-jalan tengok dessert counter and plan utk amek dessert jugak. 

Beef Carbonara - RM13 
. It is made with its very own traditional creamy sauce. All perfectly cooked together that my taste buds are crying with joy
Chocolate Caramel Slice - RM5.50

texture is slightly firm yet making me wanting it more. As I scooped more, realized it is also made with coconut shavings, adding the milky taste combined with the scoop of vanilla ice cream.

sangat happy finally dapat dine in dekat Foodsbury. harga seriously affordable and worth every penny. the cafe concept pun sangat simple yet very pleasing to the eyes. will definitely visit them again soon :D 

Foodsbury Cafe
Wisma Faiz Azrina, 24, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah A9/A, Shah Alam.
Mon-Fri, noon-11pm; 
Sat, 10am-630pm
Tel: 0355245539

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