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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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New Atika.
Wednesday, August 20, 2014 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I used to be i blogged. USED TO. lol now because of the works and what not, i spend lesser time blogging and enjoying life hahaha was reading my previous blog post, wayyyy back like in 2009, 2010..i used to spend a lot of time to edit and make my blog as colourful as possible. 

highlighting the important details and such, ya know?

now..i am just lack of motivation..and i think my blogging spirit is wearing off *gasp dramatically*


I don't know how many times have i told this, but i love my blog. i think this blog is like the longest virtual diary I've had in many years..recorded my high school and college life perfectly =) yay! although this blog has a lot of bitter sweet memories, I am sure that I am going to keep it that way till I am married, have kids and all eheh =) 

Looking back, I think I have changed a lot. Like seriously, a lot. Those who knows me since school will know how bising I am back then, and now I am just *ahem* far more sophisticated *gagged* hahaha but yeah. I have been having a lot of thoughts lately on life. My family especially mak have to endure my crazy mood swings most of the time (trust me, i feel reallyyyy bad after calming down :/ ) and as you know, now I am looking after nenek. Everytime I got home from work, I will go straight to her house after putting my things in the room. It is tiring, but worth it.

I think I need to blog really properly. with pictures and stuffs. hahaha. Propably will spend the time I rolled on my bed checking out the social medias, to blog instead. Hopefully i got the time to do soon (really miss updating blog on daily basis regardless anything hahaha) and updating the highlights of the day or the week, like a true blogger.

Used to own a compact camera. God knows where I put it because it is now MIA =( what saddened me the most, it is a gift from Usop (for ruining my first camera lol) and it is practically brand new. I iz sad. beyond heart broken. Could have used the camera to invest on my food blogging article. Meh.

Now I am far more concern on moolah. need more moolah than ever. i planned to take a vacation soon enough just to relax and what not. A lot of plan involving beaches, strippers, sleepovers with girlfriends and what not. unfortunately now, being the greedy and tamak haloba me, I have yet to have enough savings to splurge on a vacation hahaha *my fault* InshaAllah soon I will have it. Even travelling by myself. It should suffice =)

Needless to say, I have a lot of things in my head right now. I wanna continue my study, I wanna start joining the gym of my choice, I wanna take up that Zumba lesson, I wanna fix my car, I wanna fix my teeth --I wanna do all sorts of things. and I can only plan for now.

I have been having anger management issue (as mentioned above). When I am worn out (mostly from sitting in a static position throughout the day) I will be grumpy af by the time I reached home. I have come to a point where I become a road rage and normally chased after car drivers that tick me off lol ticking wittle bomb, much? 'Amira always reminded me to istighfar and think of the good thoughts. Selawat when I can. and take a deep breath.

Don't want to be pulling a Lokiki anytime soon, right?

I am turning a year older in less than a month. and i really hope this time, all 'I wish' wishes will come through and delivered well. start small, or start big. Either way, I'll be ready. InshaAllah.


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