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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Saturday, September 6, 2014 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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no one knows how estatic I am, knowing that my trip to Ipoh last week will be so much fun! the initial plan is to visit Mak's friend in Manjoi (Sungai Besar, actually) because her daughter is getting married hehehe the food there were just so delicious! all are traditional cuisine *drools* :O

we depart from Klang around 6 in the morning and took the NKVE highway straight to Ipoh! mind you this is my first time driving okay hahaha (after this can go to Melaka right? Azfar please prepare red carpet for me lol) ugh, I've always wanted to go to Malacca before the year ends. For Pete's sake, it has been two years -_- okay, shall talk about that in another post haha anyways, alhamdulillah we reached the at 9 am sharp (proving my driving skill is not that bad) and quickly give a quick kiss to Opah and head for breakfast that Ibu prepared for us.

Although it is only nasi lemak with sambal ikan bilis and telur rebus, but my taste buds just crieddddd sedappppp tak tipuuuuu ._. maybe because i was starving and exhausted kot lol then go to the kenduri kawen and then balik hantar mak and opah and baru siap-siap to go to Bits & Bobs. from what i baca, Bits & Bobs ni is actually a heritage project with some of cafe and also Plan B untuk revive the old nostalgic and the good ol' times in Ipoh. Macam mak cakap, going down the memory lane gitu.

Kaknyah, Haiqal and I went there around 5pm. tapi bila sampai sana dah tutup. pfft. rasa nak nangis, marah pun ada. hahaha. instead, i decided to IM them on Facebook about my outcome to the shop. and surprisingly, they replied! almost instantly hahahahaha seronokkk definitely won my heart all over again! btw, B&B is actually famous for their Ais Kepal. tengok orang post pun dah terliur *drools*

cekalkan hati jugak untuk pegi sana first thing in the morning. and I did! bawak Opah sekali because we are heading back to her house in Parit. hehe. Opah suka okay :D mak kata dulu it is only 30 sen, but now there are selling it at RM3/USD1 :) worth the price! dapatlah merasa ais kepal yang sedap tu hehe :D super love their customer service, although orang ramai, tapi diorang still entertain everyone nicely. haha and they even featured us on the facebook page! :P i posted this photo once kaknyah gave it to me;

three generations enjoying ais kepal hehe ^^ 
(mak and opah cannot keep their eyes off the camera, although i've told them so -___-) haha

if you are around Ipoh, be sure to drop by here at Bit & Bobs! :) If you are using waze, just look for 'Plan B, Ipoh' the shop is just next to the restaurant :) Ipoh has really changed for the past few years. Makin cantik! sangat sesuai nak buat photoshoot ke apa, no kidding :D i took a lot of photos there the first hour we were there hehehehe :D 

Bits & Bobs Malaysia
Address: 99, Jalan Sultan Yussuf (Kong Heng Square) Ipoh
Waze: Plan B, Ipoh 

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