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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Gotta stop.
Monday, November 24, 2014 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I think I gotta stop soon.
Stop sugar coating things.
When the year started, I had so many plans
And so little times
Duit pun tak berapa nak ada lol

Sampai lah sekarang
The only goal i managed to full fill ialah making sure my saving bank account has 4 figures, tu je
Selain dari tu semua entah ke mana

Kengkadang, aku fikir
Kan best kalau boleh lari kejap dari realiti
Away from everyone
Perhaps travel somewhere unfamiliar
But normally it is just the tired muscle talking hahahaha

I tried taking things easy
Accept things, and I had to abandon my favourite things, settle for what I have now
Eeeeee stress okayyy
Job food blog from OpenRice pun takdek
It has been 4 months
And I have been told that my language and punctuation suck really bad
and my novels need major make over

And there i was
Berangan jap hehe
The part time tutoring job pun dah lama tak contact aku
I guess 2014 is not really my year
My zumba practices are going haywire
Tengok videos je boleh for now

I really hope that everything happened for some reasons
I mean, even Usop is having a rough year
Kereta aku pun kena pamper
Tayar dah botak, kena clip bumper, etc
Passport tak renew lagi
MUET tak amek lgi
Ptptn loan semua
Banyak lagi benda wehhhh

Huarghhh bila pikir balik semua benda went kinda wrong
I am growing white hair here -.-
Kalau korang perasan
This year is all about money hahahaha

Hopefully next year gonna be better Lol

Financial wise
Semua plans this year akan definitely to be carry forward next year
That being -- zumba, passport, savings, ptptn, etc etc etc
Lol -.-

List dah ade
Tinggal nak cross out je kekekeke
Harap-harap boleh la settle cecepat
Korang doakan aku ekkk

Muah! =)

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