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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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The Part When I Had So Much Fun (hashtag eeeeep!)
Monday, December 22, 2014 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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For some reasons, I love copy and pasting the photos from Tumblr to start my blog post.
It is chic, fun and personally cool for me. Hehe. 

Anyways, a moment of silence for my Pah Long (Hajah Pazidah Bahari) who passed away last Friday.
Semoga arwah Pah Long dicucuri rahmat sentiasa.



To recap the things that have been happening throughout the month and my plans, tell me tell you in bullet points (because I am getting old and i can't really remember much on the sequence)

  • I met Azfar after two years talking over the phone. Azfar dah kuruih na. hahaha.
  • I met Hariz too! and got new friends, Mike and Wak (Saiful)
  • Attended Kaknyah's event and gained so much of new info!
  • I think Tengku is cute with his beard and all hiks (ini semua salah Amira hahahaha)
  • Masa event Kaknyah rasa nostalgic sebab teringat zaman belajar dulu T_T rindu semua T_T
  • Finally registered for MWM 2015! 
  • still haven't get to know my blood group grrrr >.< so busyyy
  • so aku tibat blood group ialah O+ sukahati hahahaha (nanti akan update balik la ok)
  • dah decide nak join which marathons, at least sekali sebulan
  • no longer obsessed with selfie
  • sedang belajar kecikkan double chin, no double chin please :(
  • getting my car fixed as per normal, taktau berapa ratus kena T_T 
  • before year end, akan clean out closet bebetul to make room for more
  • did i tell you my dentist friends are cute omg? lol
  • getting new retainer yayyyy! 
  • tak sabaq nak amek MUET (nervous jugak)
  • Zumba also next year
  • planning to go for crown lengthening next year. doakan ye kengkawan :D
  • New Atika. New and Improved Atika hehe :D

Okay, tu je kot for now.
Happy New Year in two weeks time! *throws confetti*