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two-oh-one-four *jazz hands*
Thursday, January 1, 2015 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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It is that time of the year again! :)

Over the past years, I tend to copy and paste previous years' last post of the year and just amend here and there, but this year I've decided not to yo! :DDDD I mean, so so so many things happened so I've decided to share it with you guys.

1. I lost one of the closest people in my life. 
Got a call from Asha's friend saying that she passed away approximately 7 am-ish on 12 March 2014. Asha was my classmate back in college. The first person who actually engaged in a conversation with me during PTPTN registration. A very beautiful tall and strong woman. She was also my neighbour near my rumah sewa in Kuantan. She was indeed a very dear friend of mine, and sadly she couldn't be there to go through the new adventures with us :( You're deeply missed, Asha. I miss you every now and then D:

*inhale exhale* :)

2. I learned to move on 
This year has been particularly tough in the relationship department. I was heartbroken so many times that I don't give a fuck anymore. I mean, I tried to be the bigger person here, but as long as there's a wall around them, I can't do much too. I am always here if you still need me tho :) Like what I've promised when we first met :) I also learned to push away all toxic people, those who couldn't care less about me as well :)

3. I learned to make more mental notes for myself 
Over the years, I watched the people around me work their way up to the top and how they bring themselves around people, so I tend to follow them as well heehee like how Ayuni eats, omg so amazingly delicate can? and how Amira and Lala took their time to make sure they don't talk with their mouthful? and how Syaika eat silently as in no noisy eating?? (yeah, I was kinda disgusting before lol) but overall, I learned to be a lady hahahaha

4. Priorities & Grow Up
Throughout the year, all I talk is about moolah. like how I needed moolah for things I want and not what I need. Which is not right actually. A conversation with few opened my eyes made me realized the importance of saving up first, and spending the rest later hehe =) so ta-da! I am all better now hehe

5. Learned to say no
22 years and now I know how to say NO. Basically standing up for myself. Which is not something familiar like last time hahaha before this I was so shy to talk about my opinions, but not anymore. I also learned how to communicate properly thanks to the company I am working now.

6. Physique and Oral Hygiene
I constantly took around 10 minutes of from work to actually work out before I head home. and to practice my Zumba dance whenever possible. and jogging in the morning if i can. but it has always been on and off. So, need to get my resolutions right next year haha. AND i really need to get my million dollars smile back again. and take care of my oral hygiene. I guess I'll just go to the clinic I am going now for regular check ups every now and then. I have new teeth for 2015 okay! so happy can die lolololol

7. Fell in love with food 
I gained lots of followers on Instagram thanks to my love for food. and got few small jobs with it as well :DDDD decide to do a small column for my blog for my blog review as well. Hopefully 2015 I will have more food review jobs eh hehe

8. Made so many new friends 
This one I am very happy, considering I have been working alone for the past one year. So it is nice to have company sometimes. and new companies too =D Thanks to my friends who introduced me to their friends and

9. Did charity drive and join marathons
I managed to involve myself in few charity drive throughout the year 2014 :) Managed to sort out my wardrobe as well now that I know a kakak to help me to distribute my old clothes to the needful :) Thanks Kak Miza! ;D I also managed to join few marathons (two actually) ahahaha and got one medal for myself :) also broke my own personal record hehe

10. Secured job(s) in 2015!!
Most importantly, I secured freelance jobs in 2015!!! two that is!! :) I am actually doing interviews for an online magazine, to be out soon. Will tell you when it is out okay? Am so stoked because I have been wanting to start my journalism journey somewhere considering I've decided that I do not want to further my studies before (kinda regret it now that my sister is going to get her Degree in Journalism soon T____T menyampah okay hahahaha) then another one is teaching job in Klang as a language teacher, so I can also brush up on my languages as well. Haha

I really hope 2015 gonna be even better than 2014. I don't really mind surprises tho ;)

Adieu! x

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