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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Boat Noodles, Klang Parade
Monday, February 2, 2015 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Ni tak ingat bila.
Kejap eh.

Posted on January 24. Hahaha

Tengok Facebook balik lol
Anyways, lepas Jo Yee balik dari Korea, we've decided to create a whatsapp group
for lunch date purpose
haha sekarang semua senang, nak jumpa create whatsapp group je :D

Geetha as the admin pun memulakan tugas beliau 
Bincang punya bincang 
We've finally decide to dine in dekat Boat Noodles Klang Parade 
Sebabnya Boat Noodles sekarang tengah naik 
So, I wanna check out what's all the hype is about 

Boat Noodles is located on the top floor 
Right in front of Big Apple Donuts 
To be frank, Boat Noodles was okay-ish 
Tapi yang paling best 
Staffs are really friendly 
Tempat bersih 
And also the foods takdek tax hahahaha 

Saiz bowl Boat Noodles tu takdek la besar mana 
So their concept is to see who can eat the most 
Siapa makan paling banyak dia power haha 
The ones who joined this gathering are me, Geetha, Jo Yee, Sally and Shamala 
Serious 1Malaysia okay 

We've been friends since high school years lagi 
Alhamdulillah, thanks to technology 
Everyone can still keep in touch 
Cuma nak dengan taknak je 
Everything is at your fingertips 

When I am out with them 
Terbit rasa bangga 
Sebab ukhwah between all of us 
Still lagi ada, despite our different beliefs and cultures 
Yes, we really cool liddat 
Ada jugak suara sumbang yang perli aku sebab aku banyak sangat kawan yang berbilang bangsa 
So I told them to kindly fuck off hahaha 
I mean, you clearly doesn't really know me kan 
Jadi, your opinions are rather invalid 

Tak penting untuk aku haha 

Anyways sebab hari tu aku ada job dekat Damansara, tak dapat lah lepak lama-lama sobs 
Dapat la hilangkan rasa rindu hehe 
Riuh Boat Noodles tu dengan suara kitaorang
Hahahaha sorryyyyy 

It was great catching up with them 
Really great ^^
Kalau aku takdek job haritu mungkin sampai ke malam
We updated each other on our life 
And all of us are single ladies yo 
Hahaha siap yamseng lg haha 

Anyways in regards of the food, 
I highly recommend to try their CLEAR soup 
Tak kisah beef or chicken 
Sebab CREAMY soup kurang kick! 
(Aku tak rasa pun, Geetha yang bagitau) 
And being me, I only opted for chicken clear soup 
Only RM1.90 per bowl

And drinks dia 
I tried their signature Thai Iced Tea (RM6.90) 
it was the best Thai tea ever!
Dah la manis, then wangi pulak tu 
Don't worry, manis tu as in manis just nice, 
Bukan manis potong kaki haha 

Kitaorang tak try out other foods sebab malas 
Maybe next time
Overall it was a great lunch date with everyone 
We talked and laughed like nobody's business 
And it was full filling 
Seronok :D 

And well, girls being girls 
We took tonnes of selfies 
(I refused to call it wefie because I don't like it lol) 
And share it everywhere 

Thanks for your time, girls! 
Can't wait for the next one! 



Atika Sikun.

Atika and Jo Yeeeee

From left: Geetha. Sally. Atika. Jo Yee.

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