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Monday, April 6, 2015 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hi peepurrr! :D

Sorry I have been away. Work has been hectic now that I am resigning in two weeks time. It was hard, but I had to do it since I am no longer happy doing what I am doing right now. I went to an interview before it and alhamdulillah, I was hired! :) Rezeki rezeki. I am now actually finding a printer so that I can freaking print the contract and send it over to them. Once I've sent it over, then that's it!

Where am I working at? Hint: I'll be working with the top fashion blogger in Malaysia. HEHEHEHEHE.

Will definitely reveal it on my first day. #takjanji hahahaha I was stressed out (as always) will tell you the story the next time okay? It's already Thursday here in Malaysia, and well --- I'm kinda bored. Taking a short break typing this on my phone. My superior is out from the office since morning so I kinda have the office to myself. I actually just paid my commitments, loans, PTPTN, and what not. Speaking of PTPTN, I stressed la asyik dapat letter apa entah -___- it's okay, I will call. hahaha

I'm in JB right now. Taking a short break from hectic life. Really need it. Syaika fetched us from the airport. The flight was scary to begin with. The pilot ingat yang airplane tu kereta ke apa, drift kemain. -___- I dah pegang Mira dah. Hahahaha. Mira selalu gak travel domestic so she is better coping at it I guess. 

The week has gone by so quickly. March has been really busy, with a lot of things happening in between. Bonded over Skype calls and Whatsapp with my two girls, Arisha and Nadiah. Even got to try out the mobile Skype call with Nadiah. Hahahaha jakun ok lol and finally got to fully utilize my Telegram as well :)

Hari tu finally got to meet Faiz Ariffin for a photoshoot. To be honest, i thought he would come out a bit snobby (considering how well known he is in the bodybuilding league) TAPI actually he is really nice okay! Like super friendly semua! I was literally starstrucked bila finally met him. Hahaha. Nak extend hands macam segan, so macam lepak je sementara tunggu the team set up equipments semua. I ada amek gambar bts tapi boleh pulak external micro SD rosakkkk! Melayang duit kena beli SD Card ;-; luckily dah dapat payment semua. Phew. 

My tutor classes have been doing great alhamdulillah. Kak Iman requested that we do more exercises on pronunciation. So happy that I managed to help her out. Hehe. Thanks Kak Iman! and my students at Pusat Tuisyen Solusi are also improving lots as well! tak boleh gambarkan bila students datang cakap thank you teacher. Most of them finally faham the basic rules of thumb in English. Yayyy 

Hari Isnin nanti balik mesti busy gila so, memang kena pulun everything kaw kaw. dah set reminder so that i will not forget them. Hehe!

Nak update pendek, terupdate panjang pulak. Hahahaha! Have a great month everyone! ♥

Muahs! x