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Babeicious: The New Organic Skincare!
Tuesday, April 21, 2015 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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For the past months, I have been using this products. I have also went to see how it was made (home made by the way :D ) and I couldn't be happier because my skin is now so much healthier than it was 
before :D

Dulu kulit teruk gila sebab kering then tak jaga langsung (haha! guilty! :p) then bila pakai Babe-icious products memang best okay! :D it is actually a complete skincare products, from lip scrub to face mask and they are really affordable as well! :D 

Their Organic Oil Cleanser (contains natural SPF)

Helps to remove dirt in our face & also pores! 
It also can act as a makeup remover. No oily stains after using makeup remover! Prevents blemish on skin. It is antimicrobial , antioxidants & super moisturizing. 

Lip Scrub
Exfoliate your lips & also create a smooth & soft looking lips! 

Body Scrub: 

 Exfoliate your skin, repair skin damage, lightens scars , reduce pimples & creates a smooth skin!

Their other lip scrub flavour :D



They also have Lip Balm, Body Butter, Perfect Jelly Eye Cream, Organic Face Wash and also Honey Face Wash :) I really recommend you guys out there who wanna change your skincare ke apa, to try out this Babe-icious products! :) 

You can contact them at the following:
Babe-icous - All about Licious!
Email :
Blog : 
Facebook :

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