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Thursday, April 30, 2015 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hi guys! Yes, I am now working with these amazing people! It has only been 14 days and I already feel like I've known them for yearsssssss. Just some updates for you guys (kalau ada orang still baca blog ni la kan hahahaha) I have been swamped with works! The journey to work itself is so time consuming now that I am no longer bunking in Damansara. Tapi takpe kot, alhamdulillah that I have such amazing colleagues and very supportive team as well! :) 

I will normally go out from the house after Subuh and then will reach there about one and a half hour later. I guess it's alright since that's the time with all the traffic. Without traffic it is only taking me about thirty minutes :D same goes with my journey back home. 

So far I am still learning lots from the senior CS(s). and alhamdulillah sangat they actually help out a lot and tak jemu nak ajar banyak kali okay. Mel, Intan, Anis and Izzah are so helpful teaching yours truly. I really hope that I can learn more with them! 

Lepas tu also getting to know other departments as well and bondingggg over lunch are pretty normal. Hehe! As for my other jobs, I've already stopped as of April since it is going to be hectic at work because the Raya collection is going to be up soon and we're gonna be busy, I swear!

I haven't even got the chance to update this blog properly , so sorry!

Got to go now! See ya! 


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