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First thing first.
Saturday, April 11, 2015 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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It's the weekenddddd!

Alhamdulillah, I'm finally done finalizing the details at my office. Right now, I'm just waiting for Ms.L to come back to the office and then hand over everything. Weee! my tutoring classes have also gone to the next step, which is pronunciation lessons. Kak Iman has been nothing but a great student tbh. I am a happy teacher.

I am also handing over my BM class at the tuition center because don't think I can co-op with two classes now that I will be working in Damansara. I will still be teaching English because I really want to help the students.

The other day I went out to see Hakim after almost 6 years not see each other. It was an amazing session indeed. Hehe! Dapat lepas rindu! :D I am supposed to get my blog revamped, but I guess Zaty is busy right now. Haha. Nevermind, I think I can live with the current layout now. :D

I just finished cleaning up Nenek's place. Nenek sekarang duduk dengan Wak Tini je. Wak Tini tu pemalas nak mengemas. And for me, these days mmg tak sempat nak kemas. So, I made a promise to myself to at least help clean up once a month. Memang penat, but I am happy bila tengok rumah nenek semenggah sikit. Taktau la Raya macam mana. Sigh.

Lepas ni pun ada few blog posts pending nak post. Idea pun takdek. Yesterday also I went to 1 Shamelin to interview some lads for MPM. Overall it is was great. Needing to improve more on my article quality. Penat la drive lepas tu sesat okay --" sabar je la. Haiyo.

Balik rumah terus flat. Before that teringat nak text Isha and L, so I did. Nak buat interview articles, tapi bila check, beg tertinggal dalam kereta. And Yol bawak kereta pulakkk. Hahahaha. Macam-macam hal okay. Nasib baik boleh rest dalam bilik. Decided to tweet things on Twitter sampai rasa mengantuk.

Lepas ni nak plan trip to Bandung in August. Duit pun dah tak berapa nak ada ni lol this Friday pulak I am going to Melaka for the first time. Yay! Thanks Kak Ain! JBTs we can plan ours soon during Raya time okay? Hahaha. Duduk sana 3 hari 2 malam je. I guess okay kot. Better than nothing. Hehe! Yang pasti nak try out their Klebang milkshake, and asam pedas yumyum! :D

Attended Yol's graduation before I head to 1 Shamelin. Congratulations lil brother! So proud of you! (:

Peminat setia Bumblebee,
Atika Sikun

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