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Wednesday, April 8, 2015 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Last two weeks at current workplace is hectic. So here I am, blogging to take my mind of things. I have been away on Instagram for a few days. considering how active I am on a normal basis, because I lazy. That's why.

My interview articles are still pending. Huwaaaa ;_: having MAJOR writer's blocks right now T_T I have 3 to be submitted and 15 more interviews to be done for April 2015. I am also slowly settling all the pending to-pay-things one by one. Rasa macam berdosa gila tak bayar hutang even orang tak mintak hahahahahaha I am currently in major jetlag (still) after my Singapore trip the other day. Sampai sekarang rasa macam tak cukup rehat langsung. Back to back things to attend to. I decided to stop teaching BM at the tuition center. So now, I can focus 100% teaching English only :)

Missing everyone abroad, actually. At this period of time, most of them are actually busy with their finals before the summer break. Haihhh. Tetiba emo dah kenapa Atika? hahaha I am planning to write about our Singapore trip, thanks to the very efficient organizer the beshfwen Syaika. Tapi banyak gila benda lawak yang jadi. HAHAHAHAHA itu next post okay? :p and nak cerita jugak pasal this new instant shawl addiction lol so fun ok! :D

Akhirnya siap buat semua benda. 

Nanti update lagi. Byeeee! 

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