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how do I start this?
Saturday, May 9, 2015 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I'm blogging from a new laptop. courtesy of FV. Bless them! Hehe!

I am definitely enjoying my work place now. Firstly, I have amazing team mates to begin with. Mel being the head and also Kyun! I honestly thought Kyun is a Japanese the first time I met her bahahaha not to forget, Intan, Anis and Izzah :) All three of them are so helpful! :)

After that the rest of the teams downstairs. For the past three weeks I've learned so much in terms of how the process works and most importantly the fashion tips and what not. Then the best part is they are really nice tolong tapaukan makanan kalau diorang keluar makan. Hoihh so nice! :D on my first day itself they already ask me hahaha apa lagi kan?

I am travelling everyday sebab tak jadi nak bunk in dekat Kota Damansara tho. Tak sempat lagi (shit lupa dah nak tulis apa lol). Anyways, travelling is really tiring tbh. tapi the moment I reached office, surprisingly I am all ok. Mungkin sekarang mindset dah lain, and the people around me pun so positive all the time. WEEEE!

Tbh jugak la kan, I feel really....uhm matured these days. Malas nak fikir pasal benda remeh. What's important for me now are my career and my family. Gotta start saving up properly and future investment plan pun kena adaaaa. Aaaaa I am so scared because a part of me is still not ready yet :/ I feel so oldddd also when I think about it.

Few days ni baru ada masa nak lepak dengan kawan-kawan selepas busy adjusting tutoring hours (which I already limit them phew!) and also duit pun keluar macam ayaq sebab diorang rajin tapaukan makanan and even makanan dekat sana sedap sedap weh! so far alhamdulillah tak jumpa yang kurang sedap. Ehehehe. In sha Allah in June akan lebih terurus. :) I got to do the whole financial planning again tho. Meh -.-

Relationship wise? with people is all good. I don't really know how to deal with heart matters right now. Let me breath will ya? lol tetiba defensive. I have so much in my plate right now, and most importantly I miss my daily ramblings. I hope this blog is not getting too boring! Yikes!

,....and I guess I am going to stop here now. it's getting late and I am really in need to collapse and resttttt because tomorrow is Mother's Day and I am bringing my mother around hehe!

and in case if you've missed me, here's a recent photo of mine taken in Malacca! Yes! I finally popped my Malacca cherry! HAHAHAHAHAHA SO EXCITED I CAN'T EVEN!

till then, guys! xx

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