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Ramadhan :)
Wednesday, June 24, 2015 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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It is very hectic at work! Especially for my team! Everyone are so swamped with emails, calls and I'm in charge of live chat. So far so good! fuh! D: Anyways, for the last two months, I have been adjusting to the new working environment. Crazy but lovely haha my team consist of five people and so far alhamdulillah, we ge along really well hehe 

No worries also guys, I am no seeing anyone at the moment (not that anyone noticed right :p) because I think I had enough in the romance department. No can't do. I am just in the midst of adjusting everything back financially and I am just so happy that I have my 2 destinations figured, also crossing off my bucket list hehe 

Everyone abroad are finally back in Malaysia for their summer break! time to catch up guys! I am not getting younger ok lol Luqman is now working part time at FV to kill off time when I am already feeling like a part of the FV family #fvteam ftw! :D and I am bonding well too with Ian, a friend of Sarah, and now a good friend of mine. Oh! thanks Luqman for hauling the whole Harry Potter book set all the way from London hehehehehehe

My ultimate mission for this Ramadhan is to be the bigger person, therefore I am really doing my level best to stop being so bitter, do more good deeds and to give back whenever and wherever necessary :)  

Sorry I have not been updating a lot. Need to settle down to actually do a proper blog. 

Will do soon, okay? :) 

Take care everyone :) hugs and kisses x