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Bandung: The Planning
Monday, August 10, 2015 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hey guys!

So, as promised, I'm going to update about the Bandung planning from the very beginning.

It was actually so impromptu that I almost forgot that I dah beli the ticket to Bandung.
The story goes like this...
Satu hari I got a call from Daya asking me nak pegi Bandung.
and then I immediately agree.

BAHAHAHAHAHA! not kidding.

It was just like that.
Plus at that time, alhamdulillah ada rezeki lebih sikit,
so boleh la terus beli ticket on the spot.
We got a really good deal from Malindo Air which is RM192 (bought the ticket in April 2015) for return ticket!
Weehuu! :D
Then terus minta tolong Daya and Ana settlekan everything.

so, from time to time,
Daya updated us (Ana and I) on the progress of the trip
serious time ni busy gila so memang tak sempat nak update apa-apa langsung
we got a really good deal for our hostel; Gado Gadu Hostel on 
only 720 000 IDR (RM209.85) for 4 nights!
so it's only RM69.95 per person hehe
I requested for private bathroom as well sebab tak suka share bilik mandi dengan bilik lain teehee

so, accommodation dah settle,
we discussed about the itinerary pulak.
Daya came out with everything and I was pretty much happy with it.

Bandung Trip Planned Itinerary 

DAY 1 (3rd Aug 2015)
1.30pm – Tiba di Husien Sastranegara International Airport
               - Solat Zuhur
2.00pm – Lunch 
2.30pm – Check in hotel
3.00pm – Jalan Riau (Factory Outlet) (10am-9pm)
5.00pm – Masjid Agung Bandung (6am-8pm)
              - Solat Asar
6.00pm – Balik hotel
              - Dinner
              - Aktiviti bebas

DAY 2 (4th Aug 2015)
10.00am – Trans Studio Bandung (10am-9pm)
2.00pm – Lunch
               - Solat Zuhur
3.00pm -  Jalan Dago (9am-9pm)
              - Solat Asar
5.00pm – Balik hotel
  8.00pm – Jalan Cihampelas @ Jeans Street (9am – 10pm)
11.00pm – Balik hotel

DAY 3 (5th Aug 2015)
8.00am – Floating Market Lembang (8am-5pm)
11.00am – Gunung Berapi Tangkuban Perahu (7am-5pm)
1.00pm – Lunch
              - Solat Zuhur
2.30pm – De Ranch Lembang ( Horse Riding) (10am-5pm) 
                - Solat Asar
5.00pm – Balik hotel
                - Dinner
                - Aktiviti bebas

DAY 4 (6th Aug 2015)
10.00am – Dusun Bambu (10am-11pm)
1.00pm – Lunch
              - Solat Zuhur
2.00pm – Jalan Braga (9am-10pm)
4.00pm – Pasar Baru Bandung (9am – 5pm)
                - Solat Asar 
6.00pm – Balik hotel
               - Aktiviti bebas

DAY 5 (7th Aug 2015)
9.00am – Bertolak ke Husien Satranegara International Airport
2.05pm – Pulang ke Malaysia

So, that was the plans for 5 days :)
At this point of time, Daya dah suruh set aside about RM200 (686 615 IDR)
for the activities dekat sana.

For more info, you guys can check out the following (yang ni semua ada entrance fee) :

  • Trans Studio Bandung - here 
  • Tangkuban Perahu - here
  • Floating Market - here
  • De Ranch Lembang - here
  • Dusun Bambu - here

I am looking forward for the horse back riding activities dekat De Ranch please!

Daya also listed a few places yang we should visit when in Bandung (which are some free, and some are not hahahah)

(click to enlarge)

These are the rough charges incurred for all the places that we would like to visit in Bandung. 


Daya is also a sweetheart, siap buatkan checklist lagi. 
Hahaha thanks Daya! Sorry kak tika takdek masa langsung lol 
to tell you guys the truth, I cannot backpack. 
Memang tak jadi okay ;_; 
I will always bring extra because I'm afraid that i'll miss out anything. 
so, this is definitely not a backpack punya budget, more like cost saving la kan. Haha 

settle accomodation, checklist, and itinerary, 
the three of us dah siap-siap to fly to Bandung. 

but then, 
upon arrival, something happened.

well, will update about that in the next entry. Wahahahaha 


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