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Life as it is.
Saturday, August 1, 2015 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hey guys! How's your Raya?

Mine was a bore, practically because I am in need of internet data hahahaha and at Opah's, it is quite impossible to get it D: As per my previous blog post, I am basically car-less right now. So I am carpooling Maizan to and from work. Thanks Maizan T___T Work has been very busy these days and I am very occupied with my freelance journalist job too D: Sampai takdek masa nak makan or fikir pasal benda lain dekat office. Memang kena focus habis.

Since I was on early leave for Raya and practically cannot do anything, I eventually sign up for Tinder and Beetalk (don't laugh okay) after much persuasion from my girlfriends. At first it was fun and what not, and it started to get creepy. Like, REALLY creepy.

Dah lah orang around Klang are not much to my taste *ahem* in men, so dodgy I tell you. I cringed every time someone added me on Beetalk with message like, "askum awak, bleh kenal x?" uhm dude, ever heard of spelling? I am so sorry, but I cannot really digest spelling like these since high school lagi. Walaupun I pun takdek lah spelling perfect mana, tapi tak payah nak rempit sangat la kan -_-

Then there's Tinder. My oh my, hello...hello ;) AHAHAHAHA so far the people I made friends with or in their term 'swipe right' with are cool people. Already bonded well with few of them, and I also met a couple of them too. Bless my workplace to be at the center of the town hahahaha

So me and Anis have been coming up with code name, like the one in high school. Totes hilar, me tell you lol this two weeks has been really crazy after the Raya break ended D: Mel was involved in a terrible accident that requires her to be home bound. She has been helping us still, with emails and what not.

Izzah, on the other hand took one week leave to spend time with her family for Raya break. So, there were only Intan, Anis and I. Let me tell you, I was indeed surprised seeing that I actually replied 400 emails this week alone! Tak menang tangan okayyy dengan calls lagi. Anis is incharge of doing returns and exchanges and also live chat. Intan is also helping with emails and calls. Fuh. By the end of the day, we are already so exhausted.

I think it is a blessing in disguise that I didn't get to drive over these period of one week. Instead, I carpooled Maizan or Nabs because they actually live nearby. Bless them! <3 alhamdulillah. :) Intan, Anis and I also have been running around collecting hugs from everyone, sebab stress sangatttt. :/ but alhamdulillah, we survived the crazy week. and I am also really getting the hang of things at the office, especially on how to reply emails. Kena baca email betul-betul then baru faham situasi dia. Hehehehe. So now, I am looking at improving on my telephone skills. Kena brush up betul-betul fuh.

Anyhoo, I'll be out of the country starting next week! Long awaited holiday! Weee!

Talk to you guys later x