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Bandung: Day 1 & 2
Tuesday, September 22, 2015 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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 *Disclaimer: too lazy to edit photo hahaha


As promised, Bandung updates. This entry is for Day 1. We departed from KLIA 2 at around noon, and upon arriving the airport, Husein Sastranegara International Airport, it was so windy and kinda humid. Baru acah nak jetlagged the next morning, tapi kena lahar dengan Syaika sebab 1 hour time difference je from Malaysia. bahahahaha

Anyways, upon arriving dekat airport, baru sedar yang our hostel is like, super far from the airport ._. macam 30 minutes pun ada. I went, "what?!" To be honest, I am on a tight budget and these kind of things are not in it!! I was already freaking out. and somehow, unwillingly had to fork out to pay off our supir. sigh

All done, we met Dadan who took us to our guest house. Another shock, our guest house is.....scary. ._. like so dodgy. bahahaha and it is so not like what it is advertised on I was screaming internally (okay maybe not) saying that we should cancel and look for another hostel. but it was too late for that. bahahaha

To cut thing short, we eventually go for the hostel, which is around 720 000 IDR (RM209.85) for 4 nights. but then again, there was a slight miscommunication, so we had to pay an extra 200 00IDR (RM59.04). After checking in, we unpacked our stuffs and terus cari makanan. Lapar tak payah cerita la kan. Haha

The street of Bandung is crazy busy. Motorcycles are a lot more than cars, are they are crazy fast. Our first stop before looking for food is to look for telco shop. Beli simcard so that it will be easier for our parents to contact us.

* Travel tip #1: travel with 3 or less people in a group for low budget trip 

Lepas beli simcard, we went to find food. Nak cuba the street food, but I am honestly afraid. Takut food poisoning, satu hal pulak nak pegi hospital. So we avoided the street food and found a small restaurant in between the shops. Tried their nasi with sayur, chicken and their sambal hijau. Oh god! I was in heaven! Sedapnyaaaaaa T_T dah la masa tu memang tengah lapar, sekejap je habis. Hehe

Lepas makan, we decided to just head back to our hostel and chill for the night. Sambil tu check how do we go around the next day. Rupanya to go around Bandung, we will need to get a supir. and we do not have a supir to begin with! *breathe in, breathe out* sumpah panik -.- lastly, we called up Dadan, our supir yang send us to the hostel from the airport to take us around. and he charged us 450 000IDR (RM132.67) for the whole day.

I literally terduduk. I honestly did not prepare the extra amount for the transport, thinking that it is all settled. blame myself for not checking through. hahaha

So we paid him the said amount at the end of the day. For the first destination, we went to a kedai kain before the city to buy some for our family back home. Ana and Daya went crazy buying it, and I bought kain pasang for kebaya. superrrrr purddyyyy! hehe :D

We then headed to Trans Studio Bandung, one of the biggest amusement park in Bandung. Bawak Daya and Ana sebab ala-ala jadi babysitter. hahahaha we tried ALL the games since the place tak ramai orang lagi. Paid 170 000IDR per person (RM50.12) upon entering and we went crazy! The ticket Dadan helped us to buy at the counter right away, not from the website. 

Travel tip #2: it's best to settle all payments online and enjoy your trip!

but I've decided not to try the adrenaline related games like their Solero shot, crazy scary looking roller coaster and a few more. I just sat on the bench, drinking my milkshake (like a boss) while listening the screams of the kids. Boy, i feel so old already. lol the people at Trans Studio are so happy go lucky I also so happy. hahahaha

Then we went to have lunch at a shop somewhere in town (i forgot the name!) and tried Bandung's original's cuisine which is Nasi Liwet :DDDDD so delicious I can't even! I love Bandung food already!

That very morning, I managed to get in touch with one of the former lecturer in my college. He's now teaching in Bandung. We made plans to meet up for lunch, but he had to cancel last minute. People in Bandung are generally nice. After lunch, we made our way to Jalan Dago for another shopping spree. I bought pants for my brothers and then perfume for myself. Heh heh. Waited for Sir Dibya while Daya and Ana continued shopping.

After meeting Sir, he actually invited us to go to ITB, which is Institut Teknologi Bandung. We waited an hour for him but it was already dark. Had a quick tour around the campu. Will definitely come again next time for a proper one. Sir tanya kenapa we didn't let him know that we're coming. If not, we didn't have to splurge so much on supir. Maybe next time? hehe 

and then we had dinner at Hummingbird Eatery.  Food was delicious. I tried their banana pancake. Noms!We exchanged stories on the people of Bandung to the updates on what's happening around the world. We actually got pretty carried away while talking and tak perasan the cafe is closing haha so we went back with angkot (cheapest mode of transportation in Bandung) for RM2 per person (6790.53IDR)

Travel tip #3: always have small changes!

We reached home quite late that night, so we've decided to just much on our Maggi mee before hitting the sack. Discussed where to go next so instead of going to Tangkuban Perahu and the places around it, we went to Kawah Putih instead.

Tapi the next morning pun rasa sakit jiwa jugak. Hergh. 

(to be continued)

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