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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Bandung: Day 3
Friday, September 25, 2015 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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So........we continue our Bandung Day 3 story sementara tengah rajin.

As for Kawah Putih, we paid 500 000IDR for the supir to take us around the whole day. At first, we were promised that Dadan will take us around, sekali pagi buta tu he whatsapp-ed saying that he couldn't make it -____- so his uncle replaced him. Krik krik weh -_- i layan dia je la sembang while Daya and Ana took photos at the back.

The journey from our place to Kawah Putih took us about 2 and a half hour to reach there. Kematu weh -.- Tapi as we got near Kawah, it is getting colder. Like we're in a different country. Seronokkkkk. Kawah Putih is a striking cater lake. All info you guys can read more here.

 Masa nak masuk tu, at first we had to pay 50000IDR per person. Dah settle, sekali kena bayar another 250000IDR untuk bawak naik kereta. I was already annoyed. Bila tanya kenapa kena bayar extra? then supir explained cakap yang kalau nak bawak kereta, naik atas memang kena bayar extra. if we wanna use the said 12000 per person tu, it is actually the angkot, and they will only go up once the angkot is full. ugh -_- sabar je lah.  Not knowing the temperature is less than 10 degree celciusssss, I dress up with my casual beach wear bahahaha -_- Daya and Ana are already freezing cold lololol #yolo

We stayed there for about 15 minutes before going back down.

After Kawah Putih, we went to the tea plantation. Strawberry murahhhh! like 20000IDR & 10000IDR only wtf T_T I nak beli, but money already so short haha nasib baik our supir belanja. hehe we had a blast taking photos and enjoying the scenery.

Lepas balik from the district of Ciwidey, we went to another textile building (macam Jakel Shah Alam tu) tapi takdek pape yang berkenan di hati haha then we went sightseeing at Taman Asia Afrika and also masjid Bandung and Daya took these amazing shots! hehe sempat jugak tried out their version of KFC, which is the Richeese Chicken. Verdict? it was okay-ish. their sauce is not really my cup of tea. and their portion of rice sikit sangat lol tapi sebab dah lapar, makan je la apa yang ada.

My ootd that day was haywire hahahaha we reached our hostel almost 7pm and then terus pegi their convenience store and tapau nasi liwet with sambal hijau. hahaha sempat apa semua, prepare mentally untuk pergi Pasar Baru to shop tomorrow. weehuu!

(to be continued)

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