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November Movember
Monday, November 23, 2015 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hey guys,

So we met again. I’ve been crazy busy with life that I don’t know where to begin with. As always, kerja memang busy. Tambah-tambah lagi bila dah hujung tahun ni kan. Been caught up with my writing jobs as well, alhamdulillah still got the skills in me. But seriously, I really need to brush up my grammar because I am always in need of proof reader. But then, who doesn’t? Mereput la wei kalau confidence level tu tinggi sangat. Hahahaha! Speaking of work kan, three years of working, I was emotionally scarred with this one lady. Sampai sekarang if dengar nama dia, it gives me chills :/ Even dia dah minta maaf semua, I still cannot let go. Sigh.

Anyhoo, I am happy to say I am progressing well. With the new Ops Manager, it’s a bit tiring sebab he’s the kind of person who wants everything to be done immediately, but I think I am coping well. Really need to improve on my speaking skills also because I always get tongue tied. Not fun, guys. ._. I am also busy with Nyah’s preparation for her engagement in February. So far, yang dah settle is the photographer, pelamin and also the make up artist. Semua pun I yang recommend.

Ingatkan nak sponsor, buuuuuuuut no much moolah. Haha! Maybe kawen nanti ai sponsor hikhik so far all debts are cleared, ada just a few more pending. Hoping by next month, it will all be settled. Penat weh tiap bulan fikir pasal duit. By 2016, BARU nak mula menyimpan betul-betul, #lempangdirisendiri. Insha Allah, new goal to save as much as I can.

Cannot afford to be spendthrift at all. Jodoh setakat ni takdek yang menyinggah lagi, but then I did meet a few guys. Semua pun kawan je la. I am still looking for the guy who will be crazy (hypothetically) for me lol like how Lala found hers. So sweet, I can’t even T___T

I met Ben a few months back. Getting to know him as of now, but that’s just it.

I am looking forward for his texts everyday, but let’s just see how things go okay? I like to live by the saying, ‘no expectations, no disappointments’ . Jangan berharap, nanti kecewa di tengah jalan. :) By the way, I’ve decided to change my langkah bendul present. Instead a GoPro Hero 4, I ask for a new phone instead sebab phone ni dah gila. Annoying betul. Bahahaha!

I am bonding really well with the #fvteam and hopefully akan baik sampai bila-bila. Life has basically been great. Penat sikit la bila fikir financially, but all is well. Hujung tahun ni ramai pulak yang kawen. Ajib and Kak Ain just got married last Friday and I am so happy for the both of them! Today is Monday, the last week of November :) and then it’s December already.

WOAH. This feels so surreal.

 Next year I’m gonna be 24 and still not rich enough. Haha! So it’s time to double up efforts and all that jazz for myself also. Teehee.

Here’s my latest photo today with my team.

So much love for all of them! ♥ 

 Till then x 

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