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Friday, December 4, 2015 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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So yesterday's traffic was horrendous.

It was a crawl about one and a half hour and I was not even halfway home. Saw the cause of the traffic, it was an accident and I think the person who got hit passed away (Innalillah)

Told the group that I arrived home late due to the fatal accident and Anis said that, " I always think no matter how bad the traffic is but if it involves an accident I'm just thankful I'm not involved " which is so true. I was involved in a terrible accident a week before Raya and I'm definitely not looking forward to experience that traumatic event everrrr again.

Speaking of perspective, I think for the last month of December, I am gonna lay low. Take everything positively and try my best not to mereput emo so much bahahahaha right now my phone has been reallyyyyy quiet (except for group whatsapp(s) of course) and I intend to keep that way for a while.

I was a bit emotional this whole week, partially because of the things I do in between work and after work. Sometimes I don't know where to start, then I'll end up scrolling my phone for a few hours before realizing I tak mandi lagi looooool

I realized I have not been so active on Facebook these days. Sebab sebenarnya taktau dah nak post status apa, melainkan memang rasa perlu la kot. Alhamdulillah this month dapat simpan a little bit extra. Planning to save up for my trip next year.

Seriously, bila kita cuba untuk view certain situation in another perspective, then I can actually see the bigger picture. Baru boleh improve my communication and problem-solving skills better ahahaha

December is going to be a busy month on weekends sebab I'll have weddings to attend the whole 4 Sundays. Not kidding, guys. As for the soalan cepu mas, sekarang ni pasrah je la kalau orang tanya. Suruh semua doakan jodoh sampai cepat lol

I'm alright, guys. I really am.