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2015 - Say Whaaaaaat?
Friday, January 15, 2016 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I'm writing this down, because I never missed writing one for the past 8 years.

Although, for 2015 is 13 days late.

I'm a firm believer of being positive all the time, however for the past one year, I've experienced so many things that I don't know where to begin with.

Personally, I think I've grown a lot more mature, in terms of thinking and what not. The break up that happened end of 2014 has also made me realized one very important thing: self grooming. Seriously, I was selekeh gila bila tengok throwback photos plus I was working alone at that time. I've donated most of my clothes to the charity, and asked my colleagues if they wanted to donate to, and some of them actually said yes.

I've finally gotten a new job in Damansara. Some of you might know it, some might not. So after working near home, I now travel roughly around 2 hours back and forth from Klang to Damansara and back to Klang. But alhamdulillah, the journey travelling is indeed bearable all because of my colleagues. (Finally ada kawan office after 1 and a half year lol) It has been 9 months working here, and I couldn't be a lot happier. Around here pun banyak kedai makan, so memang heavenly for a foodie like me hahahaha 

As for my family, my sister is getting engaged in less than a month (gasp!) and my mother and her are busier than ever (siapa suruh nak tunang bahahha #bitter ) I've helped out a bit by asking Azureen, adik Rus who is actually one of my colleagues hehe (@rusazureen - #bakedbyrus ) for the cupcakes :) and the photographer, Izwan from GLB Creative is a friend of Farid (who is also my colleague ) Lepas tu mereput bila mak tanya "how's the prep?" (indirectly asking if I am seeing anyone lol what =.=) so far alhamdulillah preparation is okay. She's getting engaged on 13/2, so I am actually planning to go to tempah my kebaya at Cik Ina soon hehehe

In terms of friendship or relationship, I guess I am doing alright. Expanding my social circles yet keeping those close ones on tabs always. Penat sebenarnya cari kawan baru. More like acquaintance(s). I saiko sensorang pun tak boleh jugak. bahahaha

I am quite bummed that my car is no longer accident-virgin anymore. Had to endure 3 freaking months without my car. Learned a lot more from the incident: never drive when you're sleepy tsk. Also shocked (and mostly terrified) that I don't have much savings. (YIKES!) and it was already my third year working. So tahun depan plan nak save betul-betul, therefore I might just finally take up those insurance/ASB/Tabung Haji plan. Pray for me, gais. haha!

I'm actually blessed that 2015 has taught me a lot of things, and how to deal with them. This has to be the shortest end of the year blog post ever, but then again, whatever.

Ending this blog post with a super chio photo of me. (#celfie! :D)

Okay bye!