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It has been a while.
Wednesday, March 9, 2016 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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It's March already! How time flies.

I still remember on this date, seven years ago, I am anxiously waiting for my SPM result to come out. Sibuk kerja dekat Kenny Rogers masa tu sebab tak nak mereput punya pasal. Dapat la duit poket sikit before I continue my study in Kuantan.

I am now very busy, albeit at times I feel lonely. Sekarang banyak sibukkan diri dengan benda yang sepatutnya ie work. It has almost been a year I join FV. (next month yaw!) Bila sembang dengan orang pasal umur, rasa tua sangat sebab dah 24 ._. Work has been crazy busy. Every single month ada new releases so we CS (Customer Service) has to be prepared with answering calls and replying emails. Seriously man, I've been doing this for almost 4 years already and I still get tongue tied every now and then.

Just to share with you guys (if anyone if still reading this blog LOL) I'm now a Senior Customer Service Executive at FashionValet :D alhamdulillah indeed when I got the white envelop from my HOD. It was my 9th month working here and menggeletar jugak la sebab honestly the only think I can think of masa tu is surat kena berhenti kerja (bahahahaha paranoid much?) but yeah, it also means bigger responsibilities too. We'll be having our one on one first quarter KPI meeting soon and I pun dah ready with my part also. It seems there are still a lot more rooms for improvements (for me lah)

My sister finally got engaged early February and boyyyy it ain't easy, i tell you. I think I also become sisterzilla kejap because all the plannings took SO much time! I reached out to my colleagues and friends for MUA and photographer.

For photographer, we took GLB Creative Media. Seriously guys, tak tipu not biased or anything, but gambar diorang cantik gila! We took the normal package and even for tunang pun, they got live update. You can click the link dekat nama GLB to see the beautiful photos, guys! For MUA, it is none other than my good friend, Bella Haron. She is actually a make up goddess (yes love, I'd like to think of you that way ;) ) and really dolled up people well. Her rates are not bad either hehe! I took the opportunity untuk asked her to doll me up too dah alang-alang sekali jalan :p haha

Everyone puji I cos I look so different with fake lashes and all hehe so now my sister is officially tunang orang. next she'll be married and perhaps in two years time tengok-tengok I am already a Mak Long lol I'm still the same by the way. Not seeing anyone at the moment and just living the life as how it is. :) I think my life is just so crazy hectic sometimes that I don't even have time for myself.

Semua asyik kerja je memanjang. If tak kerja, I'll be out and about going to events with my friends. Hari tu FV team got the whole hall reserved for us and bosses said we can invite our friends too! so I ajak Kuizz and it was so good to finally him again :D got to catch up a bit before he sent me back to the office :) kesian dia had to endure me yapping every single freaking time we met, nak buat macam mana memang I banyak cakap hahahaha

Even in texts pun I always blasted his phone with all my messages sebab he is definitely not a text person lol(sorry Kuizz! thank you for always putting up with my nonsensical attitudes haha). Then I also went to Sona One's album launching and it was awesome! Gotta thank Sofeya for updating me through her Snapchat hehehehe yes, finally I am on Snapchat. It's fun, because you really get snippets of their (your Snapchat friends) 's daily life a.k.a easy stalking loooool I'm also following celebrities tapi I think lagi banyak my own friends. Normally yang rajin updates pun Yuna, Ariana Grande and Steve Cook.

Sekarang ni banyak habis masa jugak calculating my commitments for short term and long term. My next goal is actually to own my own house, tapi lama lagi kot. Yang sekarang ni, I'm actually seeking opportunities for more freelance writing works. It has been almost two years since I started writing for Mens Physique Malaysia. So far work wise is really great because MPM is gaining more readers day by day :) nak save up pun need to have very strong will I CREY. Dekat rumah and office memang dah ada special tabung tapi tak utilized betul-betul haha

I'm also part of a new web series called 'Malaysian Try' by The Level MY. Basically it is inspired by Buzzfeed and College Humor videos where they get people to try out different things and it is recorded. The first episode is already out here and I've received mixed reviews as well. Tapi emo gila wei bila dapat the video link. They freaking spelled my name wrongly. Satu hari emo dengan Z but he assured me that they will fixed it in the next video (they better sighhh)

Yeah I'm dramatic like that. Anyways, taktau lagi apa nak update.

I really don't want to lose my writing mojo but I guess all I need is my blogging mood back hehe

Life has been crazy busy, but contented nonetheless.

Sorry la ending tak berapa nak ummphh sangat looool

byeeeee x

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