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Kasih Sayang
Monday, March 14, 2016 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hi everyone.

Just a quick update. One of my aunts just passed away semalam. It was shocking because it was a sudden death. Can you imagine talking to that person and then the next day, she's no longer alive?

I was tired when Mom told me about her passing and I thought I was dreaming. Unfortunately, it wasn't. Yang buatkan hati ni tersentak sebab when she was alive, her kids basically abandoned her. To make things less complicated, she's also suffering from terrible mental depression and it took a lot of our time to take good care of her.

Growing up, kadang-kadang dia okay, kadang-kadang tak okay. Sometimes when she's fine, she will be the nicest person you'll ever met. Dia suka urut orang, so I had fun bila dia urut sebab memang best. But when she's not, she will throw massive tantrum and I pun pernah kena. During last Raya, she threw dulang kuih raya at me and my dahi actually swole a bit lol =_= but it was understandable sebab dia tak sihat kan.

Sedih jugak bila Paman (uncle in Javanese) told us yang bila dia tengok my aunt tu, her body just froze. Dah keras kejung bila try nak kejutkan untuk makan nasi. Sayu tiba-tiba :( Reminds me of my cats yang all have sudden deaths :(

Not to embarrass anyone, but I think this sudden death made me appreciate what I have with my Mom now. Anak-anak dia macam tak sedih pun when we told them about their mother's passing. (kalau sedih dalam hati tak tau pulak kan). I am already annoyed because every time we tried calling them to ask them to pay a visit, diorang macam nak tak nak je.

People told me that growing up, they had a fair share of my aunt's incompetency because of some unavoidable family issues that I probably no need to mention here.

 Kitaorang pulak kena marah sebab risaukan their own mom. Seriously cannot brain their attitude. and her kids bukannya duduk jauh, maybe like 20 minutes from our place (more or less that long) tapi yeah, it is so unfair for the mother. Kasih sayang Ibu membawa ke syurga and I hope they will finally realized that. All of them are expecting mothers and a mother anyways.

Oh well, my aunt pun dah selamat dikebumikan and I hope she can finally find her peace in the hereafter.