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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Hit me baby one more time
Sunday, May 22, 2016 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hey guys!

I know it has been a while but this has to be blogged. So last Friday, Hakim and I were having a quiet night out after work just around my work place.

So at first, we had burgers (which is SO good) and after bidding farewell to Hakim's friends (holla back at cha, gurlss!) , we decide to continue chilling at the nearby coffee shop.

Being my extroverted self, I decided to say hello at the (cute) baristas / waiters and then you know, placed an order and sat down. Now I'm actually addicted to peach tea idk why, tapi there's something about the peachy flavour that really made my taste buds dancing with joy.

I was telling Hakim how cute the waiters are, and he just nodded in agreement. Fast forward an hour later (they close at 10pm boohoo), I requested for my crepe cake to be packed sebab tak habis, and he just stood there shy after he passed me back my cake.

So we both looked at him, I said thank you and he said, "I'm sorry but I really like your English. It's really good." I FROZE, GUYS. it was literally my first time being hit on loooool

Okay, technically probably I was just being perasan. But oh well, let me have my moments please haha

Then again, my mind was telling me to say thank you again at him (which I did) and we started having a brief conversation right there.

Gotta thank Hakim for not allowing me to embarrass myself bahaha

Before he left, he told me that he will give me a 10% off for every purchase I made in the future there. GUYS, IS THIS FER REAL?! I think I froze again because we didn't really interact that much prior me entering the shop.

It's not like we steal glances at each other (cos he was also busy doing work at that time)

When I told my friend the first part of the story, they were all telling me that he was just being courteous and all, but then bila I told them I got extra discounts, they were like, "uuuuuuu girl, we got something on here." LOL

I'm just happy so I decided to blog it here in case I'll never get this kind of treatment again. Bahahaha

Alas, I had a great time there and I will definitely paid a visit again ;)

Ps: I saw him again at mamak, and say hi again hahaha dude, you want my number o not?