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Ain't Happening.
Tuesday, August 16, 2016 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Quoting my girl Bella from Twitter, I couldn't agree more.

2016 has been exceptionally dull for me when it comes to finding someone.

I know it's supposed to be the other way round, but I am feeling pressured here, guys lol I've gotten to know a few guys throughout last year and this year till date, and none of them works in my favor. It is just me or I am not attractive enough?

Can someone just tell me what's wrong with me? *nervous laugh*

Seriously guys, I have actually had enough of all of these mind games. I am putting an end to all this for real now. It is probably true when my mother and girlfriends told me to find someone who is crazy about you and vice versa. One sided relationship is not healthy at all and I am the living proof of it.

I ended my previous four years of relationship because I finally came to my sense on the foundation of a good relationship; communication. I do not have that before and I am honestly looking for one right now for my future relationship.

Anyhow, many may see me as happy go lucky (because I portray it that way on my social media pages) but truthfully speaking, I am depressed and stressed out when people ask me why am I still single.

I appreciate their concerns and what not, but I honestly think they just need something to gossip about haha! I am not going to be ranting on my social medias now as I have passed that phase and I don't really feel like putting hashtags or giving subtle hints that I don't want to be asked about my love life any more because I find it immature.

So here I am again, ranting on my blog. I do hope this will be the last time of me talking about this and I shall be a lot more positive to go through the days after this.

To the guys who have lead me on, I would like to thank you for making me realized that there are still assholes exist in this world. Thank you for breaking my heart over and over again because I am so ridiculously dumb and still, try to be nice to all of you.

I try being a cold hearted bitch, but I failed miserably bahahaha

So yeah, I still want to be nice to everyone because I believe in killing people with kindness.

Let's hope the universe works in my favor this time. InshaAllah, amin :)


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