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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Don't Mess With Melaka Part 1
Tuesday, September 13, 2016 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Mak and Kaknyah have been wanting me to take them to Melaka for the longest time. So, on 20 and 21 Aug, we finally did. Took the weekend off from work and drove there early in the morning.

It was a fairly smooth journey because Kaknyah and I wanted to take Mak around Melaka. It was scorching hot by the time we got there, and our first destination was Muzium Samudera.

From Klang, we took NKVE and keluar dekat Tol Alor Gajah. Minyak isi penuh, RM50 for Viva and tol one way from Klang to Alor Gajah is about RM26. I topup RM30 one go senang hehe.

The three of us have actually liked visiting museums because we love history. And Melaka (Malacca) being one of the UNESCO's World Heritage Zone, we hit the jackpot.

The visit to Muzium Samudera was only RM3 per entry and before we go up (it's a ship), we took some photos and got us hipster coffee lol

Mak was in awe and the two of us (me and Kaknyah) baru rasa mereput panas bahang masa tu. It was close to 12PM and we got into the ship/museum just for the aircond lol okay the museum is still fascinating okay.

There was a rental audio booth at the entrance for RM3 but we decided not to take it sebab malas lololol. Took a few photos inside the museums and it was so interesting sebab cerita pasal Kesultanan Melayu Melaka semua ❤

I even got myself a ship just because I can hehe! The name of the ship is Mayflower.

Next destination was the place opposite Muzium Samudera. Pretty sure it is a tourist attraction since there are a lot of souveniors being sold at different prices there! Bags, keychains, shirts etc. Got ourselves a few things before we checked into our hotel.

This trip we still went for Euro Rich Hotel. I stayed there before and it was fairly okay. Plus it is a 5 min walking distance from Dataran Pahlawan! After freshening up, we went to Pantai Klebang for some coconut shake.

Sedap wei panas bahang lepas tu minum coconut shake hehe! Kebetulan masa tu I thought of Wanie, so I gave a ring and she is free! We catch up over coconut shake, keropok lekor and lots of foods - kenyang gila please alhamdulillah:)

For the uninitiated, Pantai Klebang is also famous for photoshoots, be it for wedding, birthday, fashions etc. So Wanie pun gigih bawak kitaorg pegi the place. Mak stayed in the car sebab dah penat and only three of us went further inside.

When we got there, ramai jugak pengantins and whatnot tengah tangkap gambar. So jadi la impromptu photo sessions kejap. Haha! Thanks Wanie ❤ it was so nice to see you love ❤

Sebelum balik hotel, we went for evening walks dekat Bandar Hilir since Mak wanted to take photo at the place whereby Tunku Abdul Rahman said the independence oath. Rupanya dekat the remains of A Famosa. This time around I didnt went up the St.Paul hill sebab Mak dah tak larat lol

Jalan kejap inside Pahlawan Mall to get some aircond before we drove home.

Balik tu pun dah lemau, so we ate at the restaurant opposite our hotel and were so bumped! Tak sedap langsung! Hilang selera nak makan grrr since I was meeting Azfar malam tu, I didn't really eat dinner so only paid for Mak and Kaknyah's.

While Mak and Kaknyah rest for the night and watched Chong Wei on tv, (it was the final wei!) I walked to McD Dataran Pahlawan and waited for Azfar. Was planning to drive there but the place gets a little dodgy at night (okay, sangat dodgy sebenarnya) but i gave up after pusing cari parking TWICE! So frustrating fml

Anyways, we catch up lots over dinner about life, work etc and he actually introduced me to a saving plan which I am considering rn. Balik pun dah dekat pukul 1. Memang penat la jawabnya. Tomorrow lagi banyak plan. Fuh.

Here are the photos from the first day!

Okay bye!

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