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"I'd like to take care of you."
Monday, September 12, 2016 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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And three days later he bolted.

I don't really blame him 100%. Told him beforehand that I am very clingy and he laughed slightly. "I think you're gonna be a cute clingy girlfriend." If only he knew what's coming for him.

Also told him (or maybe not..I might have forgotten?) that I panicked easily and I expect my future partner to (sorf of) text me often. I mean, I can't help it :( Curse my clingyness. Sobs.

But then again, he is probably having problems on his own or he got this clingywannabegirlfriend alert on the last day we actually texted.

Then again, I should've not texted him at 4 in the morning.

Texted him again before he went back to Melbourne and got a reply and I don't know what else to reply him. (Again, Atika - WHY) I am a serious mess in the head rn.

I should not take his words seriously right?? but here I am, typing with mixed emotions building up and it does not look good. I'll get over it sooner or later but rn I just need some times off.

I am writing this down as a reminder that in life, happiness is something you can create for yourself and for others but it might not be the same case the other way round.

We have each other's Facebook and Snapchat now, should I delete him? Or?

When it was Paul, it was easy cos I knew his Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, but never add him up. We are still texting regularly (cos I am too nice - blame my mum's genes for still being nice to people who are not) and do not feel like I wanted to rip his head off. Although his excuses were really lame and I should have seen them coming too. *smacks self

We are - fortunately still on good terms. See ya in London!

and not to forget another champion right here, left me hanging for about a week and told me off just like that.

Guess who contacted me out of the blue last week to wish me happy birthday? Might as well stabbed me to death, please.

This is why I have issues with boys rn. I have yet to meet a prince or someone who make my heart flutters everytime I talk to him. (Or perhaps I have? ;p )

I have had my experiences being on Tinder for the last one year. Most guys on Tinder only want one thing and one thing only (self explanatory) Although I have had friends who actually met their partners / spouses on Tinder and I am not complaining lol so happy for them obviously ❤

This is also a reminder for myself to not let my feelings overcloud my judgments and eventually get carried away with things. Tinder love is not stupid but it makes me feel like a foolish one.
Can you imagined these kind of rejections from the guys you barely knew? Exactly my point zzz

Although, on one of my Tinder dates, the guy actually told me how to know if a guy (or girl) is into you.

1 - He will first introduce his friends to you.

They will introduce you to their friends after the second or third date. It's important to them cos they want to tell people that you're interesting to him and he wanted to get to know you more.

2 - Eagerness

He always keep tabs on you. Asking how are you doing, what are you up to etc. He updates you indirectly on things - on small details to let you know that they are thinking of you too.

3 - Introducing you to his family.

This is a big step in whatever you have with him. Introducing you means that he is really into you and probably want to take the next step. This might happened after 3 to 4 months into getting to know each other.

4 - Last but not least, he's head over heels over you.

He loves getting updates from you and vice versa. He doesn't mind your lame jokes and he works hard to get you to notice him. The likes on Facebook or Instagram, the snaps on Snapchat etc. The little things that matter.

Well, Melb boy - I hope you're reading this and I hope when we see each other in the future, we're gonna be on better terms :) (and you're probably gonna regret rejecting me bahahaha kbye)

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