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How I Get My Money Sorted
Tuesday, October 25, 2016 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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If you guys hang out with me, you will notice that I will be looking at the receipt and keying in something on my phone.
I actually keyed in my expenses on daily basis thanks to Spending Tracker (available here and Apple), the app Hazim introduced to me. I have been using this app since June and I must tell you - IT'S AMAZING! I now spend my expenses properly and I am able to keep track on what I spend on weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
The photo above is actually my expenses as of 24/10/2016 and I am surprised that I actually spend 25% of my expenses on fuel =_= banyak jalan please. So, since it is already month end, I told myself to reduce most of my expenses as I already spend SO much this month.
Yang penting -
I finally fixed it, guys!!!!!
What happened is that when a drunk motorcyclist rammed to the right side of my car back in February 2015, I was too lazy to think about changing it (lol lazy af tbh), got into another major accident in June 2015, still too lazy to change it. And then Mak started lecturing me on un-lady-like my car looks like whenever she see me driving it 😂😂 .
decided to start asking around on how much would it costs to have the light replaced and bumper fixed, and too my surprise, 90% of the workshops I go to said I need to have the bumper replaced and that alone would costs me RM300 +/- and that is not inclusive of the light, man 😖 Most of them said that I NEED to have it changed and they will get me the black bumped and have it painted (which I don't want to tbh) and everything is like RM600+/-.
Here's the thing about me - I dont know cars, so I asked my brother and brother-in-law and also my car expert friends about and they helped me to ask around. .
And Edy found MNZ Autoworld in Seri Kembangan 😁 (walaupun mereput jauh drive from Klang and was stucked for 2 hours when I wanna send it over after work on Friday) not only they said okay to my idea of not changing the bumper, they even fixed the minor dent on the right side of my car (just that part is badly affected) since the rest of it are fine. And tolong tukar the daun pisang of the front and back (i dont know what is it called in English lel) and TA-DA! I am the happiest girl (!!!!) 😍😍😍😍 and Nyah can stop making fun of my car already. 😂😂😂 If you wanna get your car fixed for just about anything for a VERY reasonable price, you can check em out at MNZ Autoworld Sdn Bhd on Facebook or contact em at +60104007150.
Next - are my choices of clothes and all.
Hope everyone is having a good week so far :) x

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