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Meeting Steve Cook
Wednesday, November 30, 2016 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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(long post ahead)

As some of you might know, I got the chance to interview Steve Cook for Men's Physique Malaysia earlier this month. He was here for three days to make an appearance for Show Of True Strength, under Optimum Nutrition.

I was over the moon when Victor texted me and said that we managed to get Steve Cook for the magazine. THE STEVE COOK. As a huge fan, I was freaking out when I found out about the news. In my head, I was already planning what to give him instead of what kind of questions I should be asking him bahahaha!

After much consideration, I made my mind.  I reached out to Wee Lim to help me out with the sketch of Steve's favourite things (in the world hehe!) cos I am a sucker for personalized gift and I like to personalized my gifts to other people too.

I was already broke by the first week of November (bad financial planning, but let's not talk about that shall we) however, Wee Lim is sweet enough to still help me out and that is why he is amazing!
I gave Wee Lim the details of the sketch that I would like him to do and he came up with the exact picture in my head!

I was so happy with the result and shared the initial sketches with my close friends. Kuizz and Ikmal are the most excited ones because they know how obsessed I am with Steve.

So on the day of the shoot, I woke up super early and found out that Steve will be at Pavilion later that day for his meet and greet session. I have had a long day the night before and was so nervous. I even got myself new outfits for the interview so that I'll look presentable the whole day hehe.

I meet up with the team at the lobby and went up to the hotel room. We had the shoot at Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur and was greeted by May, the HoM. The last time I went there was with Rahul, chilling by the pool so Renaissance is definitely lit

I also meet the representative from Optimum Nutrition and had a blast talking to them. Was so nervous and internally hyperventilating when I saw his updates on Snapchat. I think everyone in the room at that time saw how excited I was, waiting for him lolololol

When he finally walked through the door, I froze asdfghjkl!!!! (Someone please slapped me!!!! aaaahhhhhh (cue: me gawking) I smiled shyly when he extended his hand. Must've looked like I won a million bucks or something.

Told everyone not washing my hands, EVER.

There he is. Sitting on the couch. Andy brought him in and it was surreal. I wanna faint but I kept my coolness intact. Don't want anyone to be reporting any incidents in the hotel room, right? As everyone is getting ready setting up for the shoot, I took the opportunity to approach Steve and passed him the sketch.
and HE LOVES IT! he even posted it up on his Snapchat #madeitinlife I think I giggled like a bimbo for a moment there, guys.

From left to right (clockwise): Nike Flyknit Racer, Gymshark gym pants, Pinkberry froyo, Idaho state flag topper, Swoldiernation top, and O.N Whey Gold Standard

Hahahaha so surreal sitting next to him. T_____T
We had an amazing time during the interview and the videos and photos will be out soon! Can't wait! Eeeeep! Since Kuizz and Ikmal, couldn't make it for the event, I asked Steve if he could write a note for the two of them and he did! Steve is indeed the people's champion and SO HUMBLE I wanna cry again. He even call me a doll (hehe...) before we hugged good bye.
(I may or may have not washed the top I wore that day until today....)
Was supposed to meet Hanan after the interview in Pavilion but he ffk last minute. zzzzz. Ramon was such a gentleman and offered me a ride to Pavilion so off we go. I saw the whole BTS preparation and while waiting for Steve to arrive, we went for lunch. Had Fish & Co. and chatted summore over food. It is such a great pleasure to spend time with new people and getting to know what they do.
Hello Ramon! *waves excitedly*

The event in Pavilion was the last one for #SOTS. The crowd is amazing and I got to meet up with the sponsored Optimum Nutrition athletes; Faiz Ariffin, Alex Chee, and Kit Mah. I did notice some people staring when I greeted the boys and I was kinda uncomfortable. People are probably jealous that I get to hang out with them hahahahaha k.

I've already met them a few times so I guess I look familiar? Faiz couldn't stop teasing me how lucky am I to be able to hang out with Steve and spend more than just 5 minutes with him. Mehehehehe

A lot of those who came to the Meet & Greet approached me and told me that they saw me on Steve's snapchat hahahaha *flipshijab* #fewsecondsoffame

I also got in touch with the videographers for the event. They both are amazing I tell you. So young yet so talented. Can't wait to work with them soon! :) When Steve finally came out, the crowd went CRAZY, I tell you. Imagined a space filled with testosterone lol I went up on stage to talk a selfie with Steve because I forgot to talk one earlier and he was more than happy to do so. But I forgot to take the shaker :(

 I asked Ramon and he offered to send me home later, so I spent the whole evening in Pavilion. It was great to see him meeting his fans on stage. Let me tell you, he's as funny, amazing and friendly as how he looks like online. NO KIDDING.

They even did the mannequin challenge before the meet and greet ended. You can watch it on Optimum Nutrition's Facebok page. I was smiling ear to ear the whole time and Steve, Ramon, Andy and their driver were kind enough to drop me off at the intersection at the nearby LRT so that I can take the train back to the hotel.

When I got back, of course I had to post up my photos with Steve and so I did. AND STEVE RETWEETED, REPLIED ME ON TWITTER and the best part of all is that HE FOLLOWED ME BACK! *fainted*

It was the happiest day of my life and I have to thank Men's Physique Malaysia and O.N (especially Ramon and Andy) for the once in a lifetime experience.

I now know that dreams do come true.

Okay, back stalking Steve. BYE!


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