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USS Singapore Trip - April 2015
Thursday, December 1, 2016 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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So long overdueeeee!

I've been wanting to write this out, buuuuuuut I kept forgetting FML.

So in April 2015 (yeap, more than one year ago lmao) I went to USS Singapore the first time with 5 of my other girlfriends; Lala, Syaika, 'Amira, Anem and Fiera.

It was an impromptu trip because the ticket to JB was cheap and at that time, Syaika is still there pursuing her degree bahahaha lol sekarang makcik tu pun dah kerja dah ._. We spent about 3 days in JB and Singapore.

Anyways, she sorted out the tickets there and found cheap USS ticket as follow:

We booked the tickets right away and the flight ticket to JB from Subang Airport. One way je because balik we tumpang Syaika haha

We book our stay at Oriental Inn Johor Bahru sebab pernah tidur sana dulu masa dating first time jenguk arwah Asha. Tak ingat how much was the charge per night, but I think it should be less than RM300 definitely. Since it is a 3 stars hotel and we were sharing the cost for 5 people, I think per person bayar RM150 give or take. Hehe.
The first night out we went to the Big Food F & B  that served one of the best fusion foods in town. So being me, I ordered their speciality which is Spaghetti Bolognese x Carbonara. Nak makan pun kena beratur tunggu turn sebab ramai sangat orang. Finally when the food sampai, semua ternganga. MY PORTION IS SO BIG *nangis air mata darah* APE NI WEIIIII rasa bersalah sebab membazir and for the portion, RM25 is really reasonable. Please remember guys, portion untuk dua orang makan ye.

The next day, our plan was to take the bus from JB and cross SG custom, berlarian anak gitu sebab nak kejar bas punya pasal. Again, kena tanya Syaika what is the name of the bus that we took from JB - Singapore - JB. The journey to the border itself took SO LONG. Rasanya ada dalam sejam kot.
and then bila sampai border, we have to isi borang yang mengatakan we want to go into Singapore, hop down to bus and ran to the other side. We literally ran like crazy maniacs on the loose sebab nak kejar bas to USS punya pasal. Pfft. Nak sampai USS ada la lagi sejam gak. Panas seat tunggu lama-lama.
Knowing Singapore, at that time, the exchange rate is RM2.70 for 1SGD. Tu pun dah rasa mahal gila wei T___T By the time we got to USS, we took photos yada yada yada and start walking around.
I have this habit of not activating my debit card before I travel oversea sebab kononnya taknak overspent, but at the end of the day, still end up overspending zzzz =_= bought souvenirs for my family and good friends and I ended up having slushie the whole day. It's 3SGD per slushie please. Tak makan pun lol
We walked around the compound and took the ride. Tips for beginner: please take the single ride! Mereput nak tunggu naik ride lelama just because you wanna do it with your friends yang takkan perasan pun kau masa dah terjerit-jerit nanti bahaha
My favourite rides are The Mummy Returns and Transformer. Wished I could turned back time and didn't wait so long for the queues kan. Also ride on Shrek, Madagascar theme rides also and we watched a few live action show that Syaika recommended. Since we were there the whole day, we took the opportunity to go in most of the rides and see the shows. It was really tiring walking the whole day.
By the way, souvenirs sangat mahal ye. I got Nyah 20SGD (i think) flask from Transformer gift shop, some keychains from Madagascar gift shop and Jurassic Park hat for Abah for 30SGD. Gift shops dekat USS berlambak depending on the characters/ride/shows you're going after. by the time nak keluar USS, teringin pulak nak beli totebag USS (I was so into totebag as souvenirs, cost me about 20SGD and I kinda regret it now) and of course, fridge magnet. I think souvenirs alone cost me about 100SGD (RM270) #brokeaf
The parade at the end of the day was amazing too, I was so excited seeing Betty Bop (?) and Charlie Chaplin!! We were told that the parade will normally starts at around 5PM every day. By the time we got back home, it was after the amazing fireworks (must see guys!) and semua pun dah penat.
The ride home from Singapore to JB is even more tiring sebab traffic jammed and we gotta do all the running thing again. For this trip I tried packing light, but I found out that I cannot do backpacking style for travelling, I tell you.  Sorry future husband looool
Anyhow, the trip was a memorable one walaupun balik tu kepenatan yang amat.
Can't wait for our next big trip!
P/S: will update photos soon. haha

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