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2016 - How It Went By
Sunday, January 1, 2017 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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It's the last day of 2016. 

Totally not freaking out.

...okay maybe a little.

I must say, that 2016 has been very eventful for me. I got promoted to senior at work, meet tonnes of new people throughout the year. Learned a lot about myself and the things I should and should not be doing. 

When it comes to financial department, oh boy - I have only managed to save up like...RM200? *cringe* Used the rest to fix my car especially and to treat myself once in a while. Even that is not enough sometimes and I had to save up more in case of emergency, you know.

Been using the app for quite sometimes now but still struggling. Sigh. I am really not good with money lol but it's alright. Not gonna play after this. 

I have planned my financial for next year and I hope I can stay on track. Had PR yesterday at work and ask for increment hahaha! #bosssayyesplease I think with the emotional and mental stress at work, I could use a little extra cash to keep me smiling and all, don't you guys think so? hehe :P

So far I have my duit kutu only, hopefully to be profitable enough by December 2017 so that I can plan my holiday after that (or my wedding - which ever comes first haha!) 

Okay guys, I am so excited right now.

I just found out about freelance writing website and it is amazing! gonna need to set up a proper platform if I want to make this a proper income for me in near future. 

Anyhow, back to where I was saying...I told myself that I need to do this for myself and not for anyone else. For my own happiness and well-being, I am going to work hard and enjoy life till its fullest :) 

I gotta thank the people around me who have taught me so many things throughout the year. The good and the bad - they have all made me who am I today. I am so done with people who don't want to be around me. Finally learned my lesson few weeks back. It still infuriates me till today how ignorant and selfish can a person be. I include them in my life and they can just walked on me like that??

Eh, sorry tetiba emo haha

I kinda figure out that sometimes, they don't want to be part of my life but they were just being nice and didn't want to break my heart? That is my only conclusion tbh haha but it's okay. Imma play it cooler now. Gonna stop moping around thinking about the unpleasant experiences I've had and will focus on the happier and greater things. 

This year has certainly be my favourite so far with more things to achieve in life soon x 

My only goals for 2017 is to always be constant and firm in what I do and decide on the daily. To do that, I will have to balance the positive and negative vibes to grow. 

Hello 2017 :)