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Wednesday, January 18, 2017 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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When I found out that FlyFM is opening an audition to search their new digital star/radio announcer, I was beyond excited!

Back in 2013, I actually went for an audition for the new 3R host but unfortunately was not shortlisted boohoo :(

But I didn't give up. I told myself that I'll join again if there are any in the future. Last May, I actually started listening to radio more on my way to work and back home. My preferred radio stations are FlyFM and HitzFM. Was fortunate enough to be given a chance to go on air back in 2012 with Denise Chan ❤ hehe

So one day, I decided to call the radio station and to my surprise I got through!  I still remember it was the morning show with Hafiz and Guibo (before there were the #FlyWolfPack) and I told them my experience of eating too much on daily basis? 

Eversince that day, I will always call in when there are interesting topics in the morning, played a few games, and always tried to call in for the #CannotOkay (i hope I spelled it right lol) which answer is pretty obvious but never got through.

I then started calling in the evening when Maggy is on air and won once! The prize were Megan Trainor's new album and a pair of Skechers sneaker (favourite album to date hehe!)

Maggy Wang ❤
When Zher and Ivan took over the show on air in the evening, I started calling them to dedicate songs to my friends or my colleagues or even myself hehe! The first time I got through the segment and I dedicated the song for the #fvteam  Can't remember what's the name of the song tho lol Eversince that day, sometimes I'll call in when I am bored stuck in traffic or just feel like talking to them.

When it was the last day of the #FlyWolfPack, I actually got through (!!!!!) for the #CannotOkay (again, sorry if I mispelled it teehee) but then, being the forgetful Atika, I forgot to topup my credit and the line got cut off halfway  I was so angry at myself and the worst part is I got the answer right!!!

UGH. Okay, gotta stop being emo now.

Anyhowwww, back to my earlier topic...

Basically I've grown fond of the idea of me being a radio announcer. I've always liked talking to people and I genuinely think I am funny (a bit too over the top sometimes, but I think I've toned down a bit...) and to be able to discuss the topic that I liked is always so excited. The debator in me is still alive, guys...

When they announced the #Flydol2017 search, I was even thinking of taking time slip to go and catch the troopers because it's easier to audition there and register right away. I registered myself online and on their Whatsapp number, but I still feel that it wasnt enough. So kiasu, I know lol when they said that they are going to have a WEEKEND audition at Sunway Pyramid, I immediately texted the girls and asked them for a day out at Sunway Pyramid HAHAHAHAHA 

Diorang la jadi mangsa kena teman tapi I am so glad they were really supportive because they know that I've always wanted to be working in the communication field.

It's hard to appy with my qualifications because most of them wanted a Degree holder and I only have Diploma cert.

I told a few of my close friends about my intention of going for the audition and all of them were excited too hehe told my parents and they said nothing but "show them what you got" . The night before I went out with Rayyaan and came home late and straight away prepare for the audition.

Although an extrovert, I was nervous but they assured me that it will all be alright. FlyFM updated that Hafiz, Guibo and Maggy will be there so that calm me down a bit.

(Slightly obsessed with the selective focus feature in my phone camera lol)

We had lunch at Manhattan Fish Market and we had the best waiter ever! If you guys are ever going there, look for Azhar! We got extra fishes for our set and also two free drinks. I went awhthankyous so many times and I think I made him blush a little lol

After lunch we went to the audition space, but was told it is not opened for registration yet. So the four of us went for solat instead and then took our time to walk back to the place to calm myself nervous.

My hands are shaking tbh at that time.

And I saw Maggy at first!  I waved at her and sat down while waiting for my turn.

There were three people before me and my confidence went down the drain seeing how good they are! And their audition and interview are long! But told myself that I am going to give my best shot at this because I don't want to have any regrets later.

So when it was my turn, I walked to the stage and Syaika helped me with the #liveupdate on my Instastory  Said my sample script out loud and didn't stop a bit.


Honestly I felt that my audition was brief but just nice. Told them my nickname is Tiks thanks to my colleagues lol

They might probably know me from my calls on air LMAO but it's nice to finally get it out there. Making it my goal to become a radio announcer one day. Checklist crossed off ✔

Took photos with the announcer and went back home after we had Dip N Dip and also the street food at Seksyen 7 Shah Alam.

Gotta thank Syaika for driving us around this time, jasamu dikenang uols and also Ayuni and 'Amira sebab rajin layan seorang Atika 

To those who have always wanted to audition for #Flydol2017, go for it!

And I really hope for good news from FlyFM soon  For what's worth, I gave my best and I know for a fact that good things will happen to people who worked hard enough to get them.



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