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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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What I Want To Do in 2017
Wednesday, January 11, 2017 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hi guys!

It is now the 11th day of the month (and year) so I am going to write down my short term goals for 2017 and will review them in December:

  • I want to start blogging more (with good contents and PICTURES!) so gotta start drafting out the points before I started writing
  • Brush up more on my writing skills got my first writing gig already thanks @midnighflairscarves ! If you guys are interested, you can contact me at
  • Set up a working PayPal account for future use  still not able to use my PayPal account till now fml UPDATE: CAN USE ALREADY !!! YAY!
  •  Eat healthier I try to only drink plain / iced water everyday with one day off so far so good, hopefully I can maintain till year end
  • Be happier like, genuinely happy despite all things, I realized that sometimes I overthink a lot and I can't help it, so I'll try not to be that girl anymore
  • Save more my target is to save RM6k by the end of the year *finger crossed*
  •  Lebih istiqamah dalam menjaga solat dan batas pergaulan this one is all baby steps to be honest, but inshaAllah I'll get there soon
  • Workout more doesn't necessarily have to get a membership at the gym (maybeeee i will) but will just do more body weight workouts at home teehee
  • Be more meticulous in work wise my PA for 2016 was not that good, but I'll be better!
  • Get my novel published omg guys...I know I have been telling this for like, the 174682949 times but unfortunately, things didnt turn out the way i wanted. To more good news in 2017! ♥  
I can only think of these 10 things I wanted to achieve (for now) in 2017. I've already set my mind to do it so I will get there soon!


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