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Seriously, Universe?
Monday, February 13, 2017 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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January has been pretty eventful to be honest. I had a great time listing down my new year's resolutions and making mental note of crossing them off by December this year.

Gonna talk about the two highlights of the month:

Firstly, as some may know, one of my goals this year is to save more and surprisingly, I am getting there slowly. I am already saving 1/5 of my salary in various kutu accounts and my personal saving account.

It's tough, but I seriously gotta hustle.

I finally had the talk with Mak on my plan to work outside Malaysia and alhamdulillah, she gave me her blessings. So, gotta be open for more jobs opening now :P

I am honestly concerned that I couldn't grow up at my current job :( I love my job to death but I didn't see myself growing anymore although it will only be two years this coming April. I am still seeking for more career growth before I turn 30, inshaAllah.

Had a talk with Yana and Teera and we'll see how it goes.

Secondly, I told myself that I want to at least cross off one of the things on my non existance childhood-dreams-to-be-done list which is joining a radio announcer search. Which I did here. Managed to get to stage 3 however didn't make it as a one of the top 10 finalists.


Tbh i cried so hard when they announced the top 10 and I became moody the whole day lol (dramatic, i know *rolls eyes at myself) Ask everyone around if any of them are free and unfortunately they weren't.

At last one of them agreed (it was so last minute!) but he cancelled on the dot saying that he actually had plans. I was feeling unloved at that point of time and cried even harder that I had to hurry myself out and continued sobbing in the car while finishing my pastaaa lmao sometimes I don't understand myself either.

I asked the Universe why it had to be so crueeeel and then fell asleep so early that night.

Here's a thing about me. When I am frustrated, I will cry my eyes out when I'm alone (such a crybaby) or I will talk about it when I am out with friends (a max of two people beside yours truly)

I didn't plan to tell the whole world about it because of its uncertainty that I'll make to the final, but boss had to post the video of me jumping excitedly taken from their Instagram profile lol I badly wanted to be part of it. BADLY.

But you know what people say that you can never have everything you want, right?

Nonetheless, I am glad that I DID GO for the audition. It was once in a lifetime experience and I am hoping that I will get the same opportunity in the future :)

I always tell myself to look at the positive sides of things. So yeah. I might not be ready just yet for the role hehe and again, maybe next time?

Plus, I got to cuci mata during the audition ahahaha my eyes were preying this one guy with inks all over his arms like a vultures and I got really distracted so I told myself to snap out of it ehehehehehehe

Okay okay, back to reality now.

Hoping that the year will be nicer to all of us despite everything tho.

ps: For what it's worth, he looks like the more cooler and chio Ben heh


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