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Wednesday, March 22, 2017 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Just got my #88lovelife Volume 3! I am so happy that I can finally relax a bit while reading a new book.

So, me and Shan didn't work out. I don't know where exactly went wrong - but I am just gonna put the blame on me. Aku kan spesis clingy nak mamps. What to do? I memang macam ni. Dah try ubah pun tak boleh.

One thing I don't understand is that most of the time the guys will pursue me at first and then ran away after a few months knowing me. Sometimes I get a little touchy when my friends shared their experiences with boys.

Basically, sekarang ni I am gonna be on Tinder detox. HAH! JOKES ON ME. Takdek la, cuma right now aku tengah mereput sebab tengah kering. Nak beli apa-apa pun kena fikir dua tiga kali. Tapi takpe, I am just going to bersabar. Good things will come by. :)

Can't wait for me to finish my period so that I can start reading more surah and what not.

Planning to join dogdeball tonight, dah book semua and all, tapi tetiba now takdek mood luls nanti balik rumah pun emo jugak. Opah is still at home, tak boleh tengok muka dia sebab sayu je.

Hahaha, stress okay.

Sebab dia asyik tanya bila aku akan berumah tangga a.k.a first step kena berkenalan dengan orang dulu tapi siapa yang nakkkkk atika ni opah oi hahahaha

So, mari kita mereps.

Okay la it's almost lunch time now and I am hungry. Nak melantak jap




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